Cork Poo Bag Dispenser – (Daisy)

Cork Poo Bag Dispenser (Daisy)

New 2021 collection

Holds 1 roll of our compostable dog poo bags

Cork is sustainable sourced from Portugal where workers are paid fairly for their cork.

A perfect addition to our compostable poo bags



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Frequently Asked Questions




These poo bag dispensers are created from cork, a leather alternative created from the bark of a cork oak tree.

These amazing cork poo bag dispensers are hand crafted in the UK by Rebecca at Two Dogs Co.

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  • What’s the difference between degradable bags and biodegradable bags?

    Degradable bags are commonly mistaken for biodegradable bags. A degradable bag is a petroleum-based plastic bag that can take up to 1000 years to breakdown, all the while building up within the food chain having potentially devastating effects on the animals that consume them. Biodegradable bags are basically degradable bags with an EPI additive to speed up the breakdown process. It is not clear how long biodegradable bags with this additive take to breakdown and the Science behind it is not widely supported. Adios Plastic’s bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable – meaning that they can safely breakdown back into the Earth within 90 days when composted.

  • What’s the difference between oxo-biodegradable bags and compostable bags?

    The difference between oxo-biodegradable and compostable is really important. While compostable bags decompose completely leaving behind no harmful chemicals; oxo-biodegradable bags leave behind micro-plastic particles as they decompose. These particles can be problematic as they are often made from petroleum products. Aidos Plastic’s bags are not oxo-biodegradable. They are 100% compostable to the EU standard of EN13432.

  • How long does it take for your bags to decompose?

    Adios bags will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass in approximately 90 days – when placed into a composting environment or compost system. No harmful chemicals are released into the environment during this process.

    Our poo bags are certified HOME compostable and Industrially compostable.

  • How strong are the bags?

    Our poo bags are extra strong… to prove this, we tested the bags with a house brick! 

    At 3.5KG in weight, the bag performed extremely well under this weight.

  • What are they made of?

    Our bags are made 100% from plants,40% Corn-starch, 50% PBAT (a biodegradable random copolymer) and 9.99% edible plant glycerine. All of which are completely compostable and biodegradable materials and certified to EN13432 and TUV standards for composting

  • How thick are the bags?

    The bags are 20 microns thick, to give you an idea, most bags on the market are 15 – 18 microns thick. We provide the thickest bags on the market to stop any nasty accidents!

  • Disposal

  • Are your bags flushable?

    No, the bags are not flushable, they will clog the plumbing, do not flush the used bags

  • Can your bags be disposed of in regular garbage?

    Yes, you can dispose of them in the regular garbage. However, it’s always better to use a disposal method that will not go to landfill.

    There are various options for disposal that you can do yourself with compostable bags. The most popular is to compost them at home yourself (separate to food waste) you cannot use the compost for edible plants as the poop may still have pathogens present. We have a whole article coming soon on composting at home.

    Another popular method is to use a dog poo wormery, you can find these easily online with a quick google search of “dog poo wormeries” and they come with full instructions on how the process works.

    If you not able to do any of the above, then a doggy poo bin or black bag would be fine. We find that with most doggy poo bins, the waste gets incinerated and compostable bags do not release the same toxins as what burning plastic does, do there is a benefit there.

    Landfill sites will slow the process of decomposition so it’s much better for the environment to avoid placing compostable waste in landfill.

    If you would like any further advise or tips on composting dog poo at home or general disposal please get in touch with us

  • How do I dispose of your bags?

    The best way to do this is through a home composter. However, you cannot use this compost for any edible plants. You can also speak to your local council about what industrial composters are in the area and if they accept dog waste.

  • General

  • Where are your bags made?

    We work with local firms where possible and viable, however with this product it has not yet been possible to produce them locally due to various factors. We are always trying to overcome these and hope for that to change soon. Like almost all compostable bags made in the World. our dog poo bags are manufactured in Asia by a factory with ISO9001 accreditation’s and who are BSCI certified. We do however make all of our packaging with a local Kent company from FSC cardboard. The packaging is also close to zero miles since the factory is very close to where we are based.

  • Why are your bags more expensive than others?

    Other bags contain a nasty EPI additive which only breaks down the bag into micro plastic particles which then stay around for years to come and end up in our water supply and food system. Most ‘biodegradable’ bags on the market contain 98% plastic, mixed with this additive to help the breakdown. Our bags are made from corn-starch and contain no additives as they are made purely from plants. Our bags will breakdown back into the Earth, leaving zero waste behind. This process can be achieved within 90 days in a composting environment.

  • Subscriptions

  • Can I pause my subscription?

    You can follow the video below to find out how to pause your subscription until any future date of your choosing (please give 2-3 days for this to take effect).

  • I need to change my subscription plan or frequency.

    Did you know that you can do this through your online account? Simply click the “Switch Subscription” button and select a plan and frequency to suit you!

  • I have enough or too many bags right now.

    Did you know that you can change your charge date? This will allow you to select the date that you’re charged for your next delivery, with a delivery around 2-4 days after this date. You can change this under ‘My Subscriptions’ and select ‘Change Charge Date’.