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1 x Grey, no handles (larger bag and comes on a roll when bought in a pack)

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  • Are your bags flushable?

    No, the bags are not flushable, they will clog the plumbing, do not flush the used bags.

  • Can your bags be disposed of in regular garbage?

    Yes, you can dispose of them in the regular garbage. However, it’s always better to use a disposal method that will not go to landfill. A local compost collection bin or a specific bin for dog waste disposal is ideal. Landfill sites will slow the process of decomposition so it’s much better for the environment to avoid placing compostable waste in landfill.

  • How do I dispose of your bags?

    The best way to do this is through composting. However, you cannot use this compost for any edible plants. You can also speak to your local council about what industrial composters are in the area and if they accept dog waste. A third option is to use a dog poo wormery to compost the dog poo for use on all non-edible plants.

  • General

  • How long does it take for your bags to decompose?

    Adios Plastic bags will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass in approximately 90-180 days – when placed into a composting environment or compost system. No harmful chemicals are released into the environment during this process. 

  • Why are your bags more expensive than others?

    There is primarily 3 different types of dog poo bags available to customers:

    They will be packaged in different ways and make different claims, but ultimately they come down to the following 3 types:

    1. Degradable bags: What a lot of people think of as being good for the environment, degradable bags are the cheapest bags you can buy and they are just pure plastic. True, they do degrade… over 100s of years and into tiny plastic particles which hang around for years to come while entering our food chain and water supplies.
    2. “Biodegradable” bags, sometimes referred to as “OXO-Biodegradable”. These bags contain an EPI additive which helps the bags to breakdown quicker. Although when you ask companies how long this is, no one can ever give you a definite answer backed up by Science. The opinions around such biodegradable bags are mixed, with no one knowing for sure how long they take to breakdown or what they actually breakdown into. There has recently been an article released which dismisses these bags are being anything but good for the environment. The additive does help them breakdown quicker, but this can often have more devastating effects, the plastic breaks up into tiny micro plastic particles which then enter our Oceans, our food supplies and water supplies.
    3. Compostable bags, in our opinion these bags are currently the best option if you are going to use a dog poo bag. Made from all natural materials, they contain no additives and no plastic. They are made from cornstarch and can be composted whereby they will breakdown in 3-6 months. The drawback of these bags is that the because of the contents inside, the compost cannot be used for any edible plants. However the compost is perfect for flower beds and shrubbery which is planted away from water supplies.  Of course, the other drawback is the materials and process that goes into making these bags means that they cost more than conventional plastic bags.

    I hope that has answered the question of why they cost more and what it is we are selling.

  • Material

  • What are they made of?

    Our bags are made 100% from plants:

    • 40% Corn-starch
    • 50% PBAT (a biodegradable random copolymer)
    •  9.99% edible plant glycerine.
    • 0.01% Water based inks

    All of which are completely plant-based materials and certified to EN13432 standards to be 100% compostable. Our bags are all natural and contain no nasty additives. The corn that is used in the process to make these bags is the “spoilt” corn which is dropped on the factory floors and inedible. 

  • How strong are the bags?

    Our poo bags are extra strong… to prove this, we tested the bags with a house brick!

    At 3.5KG in weight, the bag performed extremely well under this weight.

    The bags are 20 microns thick, which is currently the thickest on the market. Most cheaper alternatives are only 15-18 microns thick.

  • How thick are your bags?

    The bags are 20 microns thick, to give you an idea, most bags on the market are 15 – 18 microns thick. We provide the thickest bags on the market to stop any nasty accidents!