Are Dog Poop Bags Compostable?

Are Dog Poop Bags Compostable?

Like any other industry, the pet industry is known for its fair share of waste. Unfortunately, in an effort to be considerate pet owners, most of us find ourselves grappling with a high amount of plastic waste when using dog poop bags. Though using them is a common and much-needed practice for pet owners, the fact remains that plastic bags are often touted as the solution. For the eco-friendly among us, this can be an unfortunate development. Fortunately, there are options available that can help you to reduce waste and manage your pet’s needs. Let’s explore compostable dog poo bags.

Breaking Down Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

The truth is that the majority of products on the market are not compostable. Plastic dog bags are being sold all around the world, and these bags do not break down. This contributes to added waste, but not all dog poop bags follow this approach. Biodegradable dog poo bags do exist, and they offer a much more eco-friendly solution for those of us who want to clean up after our pets. To find these bags, you will want to look for compostable dog bags—but there is more to consider here as well.

Certified vs. Not Certified

There are a surprising number of compostable dog poop bags available on the market, but not all of them are as they seem. When searching, you will notice that only some of these bags are certified compostable bags, and this can make all the difference.

What Does Certified Mean?

A compostable dog poop bag that has been certified is a bag that breaks down by the standards set in place by leading organizations. These bags are guaranteed to be compostable in their entirety under the right circumstances and meet all of the standards required to be considered truly compostable.

What Does it Mean if a Bag Isn’t Certified?

When something new begins to trend, people are always looking for ways to jump in on it. That is the case with eco-friendly dog poop bags, and it is leading some people to make the wrong decision when they are trying to make the right one. Compostable bags that are not certified are often “cornstarch” bags, which are cheaper bags that do not fully meet the standard for being compostable. More often than not, these bags still have plastic in them, which can fully eliminate the eco-friendly status of the bag.

What to Look For

Any time that you shop for compostable dog poo bags, you want to be sure to look for that certified status. To do this, there are a couple of good indicators that can help you to recognize that you are truly making an eco-friendly choice.

Identifying biodegradable dog poo bags is as simple as looking for certified logos any time that you make a purchase. The two most common are the TUV Home compostable logo and the EN13432 logo. Any time that you see these, you can rest assured that the dog poo bags meet the lawful standard to be truly compostable.


Dog poo bags are essential for any dog owner, but we don’t want to contribute to an excess of waste any time that our dog does their business. Making conscious decisions to invest in products that support pet ownership and the future of our planet can help you to live a guilt-free life while cleaning up after your best pal. If you are looking to explore eco-friendly dog poo bags, feel free to contact us directly or check out our available products. Together, we can create a green future.

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