Could Composting Your Dog Poo Be the Way Forward for Britain—and the Rest of the World?

Could Composting Your Dog Poo Be the Way Forward for Britain—and the Rest of the World?

The average person isn’t overly fond of seeing and smelling dog poo everywhere, but it is becoming unavoidable. Right now, Britain is overflowing with pet waste, and most of us are less than happy about it. People are looking for easy solutions, and there might just be an eco-friendly option that we should all be considering. Dog poo composting is becoming the new trend in sustainable living, and it might just save us all. Read on to learn how to compost dog poo and what a difference it can make.

What Is Dog Poo Composting?

Dog waste removal is a big industry and there is a reason for it: dogs tend to poo quite a bit. While this might be perfectly healthy, it can also be perfectly gross as well. This is even more true when you are constantly tossing the poo into a container that will allow the smell to spread. Dog poo composting is the same as regular composting, but with a few minor twists. It is better for the environment than simply throwing the poo away, and making this change can help to clean Britain up and keep it dog poo free!

How To Compost Dog Poo

If you are looking to find a better solution for all those dog waste bags, composting might be the answer. But really, can dog waste be composted in a safe way? Absolutely! There are just a few extra rules to consider when you do it.

Your Main Ingredient: Sawdust

When it comes to safely composting with dog poop, you want to focus on keeping high amounts of sawdust. This will be mixed with your doggy manure in order to create the compost. You want to keep roughly one-third or more of the mix as sawdust at all times. Make sure you really keep an eye out every time you add more. Be sure to turn the mix at least once a week.

Maintaining Your Heat

When composting pet waste, it is very important to keep the temperature high, particularly if you plan to use it. Pets are known to carry a wide range of parasites and diseases, sometimes without us even knowing. A good compost might just give these dangerous agents a chance to thrive. For this reason, it is important to keep the temperature consistently high when composting dog waste. Consider covering the compost station with a black covering to attract sunlight to keep the temperature elevated. This will decrease the chances of living pests.

What To Avoid

In order to effectively compost with pet waste, you must be careful. Always wear protective gloves when handling the material. Since there is no guarantee that the pet waste compost will be free of parasites, avoid using this form of compost around any plants that you intend to eat.


Many people have been embracing composting for ages, and this is a new way to get the most out of it. You can use this pet waste removal strategy to clean up your yard, clean up your neighborhood, and protect the planet at the same time. This sustainable alternative is the future and there is a lot to gain from a little dog poo!

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