The Real Difference Between Degradable, Biodegradable, and Compostable Dog Poo Bags

The Real Difference Between Degradable, Biodegradable, and Compostable Dog Poo Bags

There are a lot of different bag options when it comes to managing your dog’s poo. Many of the different bags each come with their own buzzwords—but these words might not mean what you think they do. In this article, we will explore the difference between degradable, biodegradable, and compostable dog poo bags.

What Are Degradable Dog Poo Bags?

Many pet owners make the mistake of assuming that degradable dog poo bags break down easily. The very term “degradable” is meant to give you this impression. However, the fact is that all plastic bags are technically degradable. What they don’t tell you is how long it takes.

Degradable dog poo bags do break down—over hundreds of years. When they do break down, they turn into microplastics. These are the same microplastics that are being eaten by marine wildlife and causing huge disruptions to entire ecosystems. In fact, over 100,000 marine animals die a year from these bags.

What Are Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags?

For a very long time, the term “biodegradable” was used to promote the sale of products of all kinds. Many people believe that biodegradable means that something can easily break down in nature. Once again, this really isn’t true.

Biodegradable bags are the same as traditional degradable bags. They will break down into the same microplastics that are causing so many problems for wildlife. There is only one difference—how long it takes.

You might assume that biodegradable bags break down very quickly, and they do by comparison. They are given a specific additive that increases the breakdown process and speeds it up. Unfortunately, the timeline for them to break down is anything but exact. Some biodegradable dog poo bags take years to break down. Many scientists believe that these bags are no better than traditional plastic bags.

What Are Compostable Dog Poo Bags?

Compostable bags are essentially what the average person believes biodegradable bags are. These bags are designed to break down in nature with ease—because they are made using natural products. In the correct environment, compostable dog poo bags can break down in under six months.

With compostable dog poo bags, there are no microplastics. In fact, there isn’t any waste at all. Compostable dog poo bags leave zero waste after the fact. Certified compostable bags can make a huge difference and help you to cut down on your household waste.

The Takeaway

Our compostable dog poo bags are made to support pet owners that want to support the planet. Picking up dog poo is an important courtesy, but it shouldn’t come with a need to fill the ocean with toxic microplastics. Every single one of our bags is certified compostable to EU standards and is promised to leave zero waste as long as you choose to compost them when you are done. With cornstarch as our main ingredient, we made it easy for you to be a considerate pet owner and planet inhabitant too!

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