Introducing Our Brand-New Eco-Friendly Pet Wipes

Introducing Our Brand-New Eco-Friendly Pet Wipes

The pet industry is getting bigger by the day, and that means that we have a growing list of responsibilities. This expanding market has the potential to impact the planet for better or worse. As a pet brand that is focused on helping more people to be responsible pet owners, we believe that it is essential for pet brands to focus on being more eco-friendly. In this article, we will explore what makes our new eco-friendly pet wipes so special.

The Power of Pet Wipes

Pet wipes are a versatile item that most pet owners consider to be a household essential. The simple truth is that pets often find their way into messes. Even the daily life of a dog can lead them to get fairly dirty. Dogs that love running, jumping, and playing can be dirty within a couple days of their most recent bath. This can be frustrating for pet parents.

To combat this, pet owners can use pet wipes. These simple pet-safe wipes are perfect for helping you to spot clean your pup. From dirty paws to a snout covered in pollen, pet wipes can help you to wipe away your pet’s backyard crimes.

Using a pet wipe can help you to remove the accumulation of dirt that is known to stick to pet fur. It can even help you to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh, even when they are between baths. Designed for general use, our dog wipes can be used as dog eye wipes, dog ear wipes, puppy wipes, and more!

Small Wipes that Serve a Big Purpose

There are plenty of pet wipes on the market, but not all of them are doing right by the environment. Our pet wipes have been made to offer pet owners convenience while still supporting the planet. We set out to make wipes that are good for pet health, help pet parents keep pets clean, and are also eco-friendly.

Considering how many pet parents use pet wipes daily, the potential for waste is significant. When you invest in pet wipes that are not recyclable or that don’t have an eco-friendly focus, you might be unintentionally contributing to a wasteful practice. Pet wipes are a common household product, and we believe that making them eco-friendly is a huge win. With every wipe, we support pet owners, their pets, and the planet.

What Makes Our Pet Wipes Eco-Friendly?

We have designed our pet wipes to be as eco-friendly as possible during their entire lifecycle. We believe that this change is a significant one that can help us create a safer and healthier planet. Our pet wipes aren’t just great for pets—they also support the future of our home.

100% Certified Compostable

Every single one of our dog wipes is made to be 100% compostable by all standards. This means that you can compost your wipes instead of tossing them in the trash. Even if you use our wipes for your pets every day, you can rest easy knowing that they can be broken down in your compost.

Easy Recyclable Packaging

Making more products recyclable is the best way for us to make every industry sustainable. When we know that we can recycle products or compost them, we know that we can limit the industry’s effect on the environment. For this reason, our packaging is also completely recyclable.

You can recycle the packaging directly at home—and this is great news. With our dog wipes for your pup, you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any waste leftover. Buying a package of our pet wipes will never end up making trash unless you decide to put them there. The packaging and the wipes themselves are made to be repurposed and recycled to promote sustainable living.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

Our brand-new eco-friendly dog wipes are completely UK-made, and this is only one of the ways we support sustainability. Since our products are made entirely in the UK, we limit the need for transportation and other key concerns that can increase our carbon footprint.

Keeping a low carbon footprint is very important to us. With these wipes, we are happy to report that they are made with an incredibly low carbon footprint. From production to use to the next phase in their lifecycle, they have a minimum impact. We make them using eco-friendly practices and encourage our customers to choose eco-friendly disposal methods too.

An Eye on the Future

The benefits that our products offer today are ones that we are very proud of, but we believe that this is just the start. There is always room for improvement, and we know that there are some areas that we will be able to improve with time.

For example, our packaging does have plastic. This is not the material that we would prefer to have, but it is our only option at this point in time. The need for plastic is driven by the need to keep the wipes moist so they are effective for your pet.

We cannot use any plant-based or natural packaging at this time, but we are keeping a close eye out for alternatives. As manufacturing evolves and new products emerge, we look forward to exploring our options. While we are proud of the work that we have done today, we know that this is just one step in the right direction.

Right now, we are focused on doing the most good with the resources that we have—and look forward to improving with time.

The Takeaway

As we move towards a future where green living is the new standard, we need the right products to do so. Wanting your pup to have clean paws shouldn’t mean that you have to contribute to waste products that are piling up in landfills, rivers & sewers. With the right eco-friendly pet wipes, we believe that pet owners can have the best of both worlds. You can wipe down your dog and then turn those wipes into fresh fertilizer for your garden!

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