Are Baby Wipes Okay to Use on Dogs?

Are Baby Wipes Okay to Use on Dogs?

If there is anything that you can count on with dogs, it is plenty of messes. Dogs have a unique way of finding mud, puddles, and freshly cut grass with ease. For pet parents, this can cause quite a few problems. Nobody wants a dirt-covered pup running around their home, which is why so many choose to use pet wipes.

Some pet parents think that they can save time by simply choosing baby wipes instead while they are at the store—but this isn’t in your pet’s best interest. In this article, we will discuss the real difference between baby wipes and pet wipes.

Why Do Pet Parents Use Dog Wipes?

There are a lot of reasons that pet parents choose to use dog wipes. Some pet owners keep them on hand specifically for messes. They can be a valuable tool when your pet finds their way into some mud or any other kind of filth. These wipes can be used to wipe dirty pets down and spot treat parts of their fur.

In addition to situational use, many pet owners find that dog wipes can be a helpful daily tool. For doggos that need to have their eyes wiped down, are prone to drooling, or just spend a lot of time outside, it can be beneficial to have these on hand. Perfect for wiping up dirty paws, dog wipes can be a great household staple. Regularly using dog wipes to freshen up your dog can help you to avoid excessive bathing, which can be damaging to their skin.

Are Pet Wipes and Baby Wipes the Same?

Though it is easy to understand why people would assume that pet wipes and baby wipes are the same, they really aren’t. These two types of wipes can serve a similar purpose for both babies and pets—but that doesn’t mean that they are the same.

Baby wipes are made to clean baby skin and are often made to be very calming for babies. The ingredients within these wipes are built entirely around human skin—which has very different needs from dog skin. Additionally, their calming side is often dependent upon essential oils and perfumes that can be very damaging to your dog’s skin.

Dog wipes are made specifically for dogs in mind, and that means that they include ingredients that are friendly for pets. You probably wouldn’t use your dog’s shampoo anymore than you would use your lotion on your dog. These differences are a matter of biology. Sensitive pet noses won’t benefit from human perfumes or certain ingredients. Dog wipes are often made to be unscented and are made using only dog-friendly materials too.

Can Baby Wipes Be Used on My Dog?

You might be wondering how much the differences between these wipes really matter, and the truth is that they matter quite a bit. The fact is that if you have to use a baby wipe on your dog’s fur in a pinch, you likely won’t have a negative outcome. However, continuous use can cause a lot of trouble for your pet.

Consistent exposure to certain chemicals and essential oils can be downright dangerous for pets. It can cause irritations and allergic reactions on their skin, leading to significant chewing and scratching. With this comes the risk of secondary infections, which might require antibiotics to treat.

The concern doesn’t end with its impacts on your pet's skin either. It is a simple fact that pets are known to lick themselves often—especially if there is a weird smell on them. Many of the ingredients that are in baby wipes might be safe for baby skin, but that doesn’t mean you want your pet licking them. Puppies need puppy wipes, just like babies need baby wipes. Pets can face complications from ingesting chemicals that are not safe for them to eat.

When it comes down to it, you can use baby wipes on your dog, but you really shouldn’t. Baby wipes are designed specifically for babies and their unique needs. Transversely, pet wipes are designed with pet needs in mind and often make accommodations to support them. You should always choose to use wipes that are made for pets specifically to ensure that your pet is safe. Further, you should choose pet wipes that are safe for your pet and the environment.

Supporting Your Pet’s Needs

The market for pet products is growing, and more pet owners are looking for ways to shop responsibly. In reality, not all products are made with the same level of quality ingredients. Some pet products are not any safer for your pets than baby wipes. For this reason, it is very important to choose a pet wipe that meets your pet’s needs.

One consideration for dog wipes is what they can be used for. While some pet wipes can be used to meet any dog-related need, others are broken out by the needs themselves. You can find dog eye wipes, dog ear wipes, and other types of wipes too.

Our new UK-made 100% certified compostable dog wipes are made with your pet’s health and safety in mind. Sold in recyclable packaging, these wipes are perfect for helping you to keep your pet clean and comfortable. Our wipes are for general use on dogs, including eyes, ears, paws, body—and bums too!

The Takeaway

Our pets are family, and that is why we must do everything we can to keep them comfortable and healthy. Choosing pet wipes that are made with canines in mind can help you and your pet. You can keep your dog nice and clean without drying out their skin or putting them at any additional risk.

We designed our dog wipes for use on dogs of all ages and breeds, making them perfect for pet parents who have one dog or a whole house full. Keeping your pet clean and fresh is as easy as wiping them down on a regular basis. Less dirt and less doggy odor is always a good thing!

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